“These dogs are a fit for your whole family”

Our protection-trained dogs graduate from the world’s most advanced family protection program. Part of our commitment to personal protection dog training is making our dogs accessible to those most likely to be threatened: women and children.

We go above and beyond providing dependable protection at all times. Our dogs are also loving, fun companions for you and your family.

Your dog will be ready to protect if needed. But we also make personal protection dog ownership fun, so you’ll enjoy having your dog by your side.


Our matching process plays a big role in ensuring that your dog becomes part of your family and a seamless part of your daily routine. We spend time getting to know you and asking about your lifestyle so that we can match you with a dog that can go with you to the office, onto a hiking trail, around town or wherever you may go.

When children are involved, we take incredible care to match the perfect dog with the family. We recognize that there’s no bond stronger than that of a mother and her child, and it is critical for the mother to trust the dog. Rest assured, our clients consistently report that they trust their family protection dogs completely, and to a much greater degree than dogs they’ve had in the past.

 During delivery, we can teach your children how to give commands to your protection dog. The nature of commands we teach to your children are up to you.
  • Clients with younger children often choose to start out with obedience commands only.
  • In other cases, we’re asked to work with children on exercises like “protective escape”. In this exercise, the dog will bark and show aggression toward a threat while maintaining a tight circle around the handler. The dog will only bite if another command is given or if the threat tries to break the barrier and harm the child. This allows the child or adult handler to escape from a dangerous situation without sending the dog to bite.
  • If you feel your child is mature enough, we can work with them on any of the dog’s commands; even advanced protection exercises such as handling multiple attackers.